Color Services

Color Services

High-quality color formulas, radiant hues and beautiful shine are a given when working with our color artists. Anasa stylists have received advanced training in all of the latest techniques and emerging trends, so whether you are searching for a subtle glaze, gorgeous highlights or corrections after box color mishaps, we are well versed in the full spectrum of color services. We invite you to work with the top color specialists in Park Ridge, and enjoy incredible results.

*Pricing is based on a level system

Glaze/Shine – $35-44+
The glaze/shine adds a subtle wash of color over your existing hair color. This makes the hair shiny, and adds an extra dimension of color.

Root Touch Up (up to 4 oz.) – $57-$72

Bleach Touch Up – $82-$97+

Hairline Touch Up – $30+

Chromatics – $10 additional

Additional Colors: 1 oz. – $20
An additional color is for a highlight, lowlight or if both are the desired look. It can also be the use of extra color due to an abundance of hair.

Corrective Color – upon consultation
If you’re a “kitchen beautician”, or you just need your professional color fixed don’t worry. We have you covered. Call for a consultation today to correct your color, and get the color you want, not have.

All Over Color: up to 6 oz. – $77-92+

Men’s Partial Color (10 min. process) – $33-$43+

Brow Tint – $15

Crown Highlight (5 – 10 foils) – $56-70+
Highlights that are focused on the top of the head to give a little dimension to your color and highlight your face.

Partial Highlight (11 – 30 foils) – $72-86+
Highlights that are placed on the top and sides of head to help give dimension to the over all color.

Full Highlight (31 – 41 foils) – $98-113+
Highlights that are placed all over the head to add dimension and color. They are placed on top, sides, and underneath. This gives an “all over color” look without doing a full single process color.

Pin Point Highlights – $8-$9 (per foil)
Pin Point highlights are foils that are specifically placed to accent a haircut. They can be placed around the face, on top, or even on the sides or bottom for a peek-a-boo effect.

Toners – $25

Partial Balayage – $97-112+

Full Balayage – $107-122+