Chemical Services

Chemical Services

Anasa Salon chemical services address a wide range of hair care needs. Our smoothing treatments combat frizz, increase manageability and provide the long-lasting results you’ve always desired. You can enjoy smooth and silky locks with our keratin service, as well as repair damage to your hair by replenishing lost protein. If added waves, curl and volume are what you’re looking for, our professional perm services will allow you to achieve your desired texture. We utilize innovative products and techniques to establish defined curls you are sure to love.

*Pricing is based on a level system

Agave Keratin Treatment – $267-$272 (above shoulders)
$307 – $312 (below shoulders)
A keratin smoothing treatment with no formaldehyde or formaldehyde derivatives! It eliminates up to 100% frizz and is gentle enough for all hair types.
There are 3 different techniques:
1. It can straighten hair completely
2. To smooth hair and keep some natural wave
3. It can keep curls and either stretch them out or tighten up the curls while eliminating frizz.

Perms – $98 – $123+
Perms give your hair curl and body. They also help give fine hair a better style hold.